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Ein grandioses neues Forge-Diaspora Blog! Das Beste, möchte ich meinen!

Mein Lieblingszitat (Danke an Zachary für’s Ausbuddeln):

I went over to Professor Curtis“™ house tonight for our weekly gaming session. Right now it“™s just the two of us, since a lot of our gaming community around here is mired in „traditional gaming“. I can“™t believe I used to play that sort of thing, but I guess anything will sell to the masses if it“™s „mainstream“ enough.

Anyhow, I“™m helping him playtest his game Limbo Fever, which is all about the choices contestants in a dance competition face; basically, it all comes down to the question „how low can you go?“. We“™re also using it to explore some heavy personal stuff. There was a moment where my Venezuelan limbo king dealt with his alternative sexuality, which was really a powerful moment at our table. I didn“™t see the game going that way, but the Professor threw it in there. That“™s the great thing about our Forge and indie games“”unlike some other systems I can think of that are extremely popular and have over 60% of the market share, we can introduce and explore different „themes“ to our games any time we want!

Gott, wie ich alleine das Lied schon liebe (die Version von The Champs ist die beste, die hier ist immerhin niedlich), jetzt gibt es auch noch ein Rollenspiel dazu – all around the Limbo clock.

Diskussion im O.R.K.

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