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Via RPGPundit:

They’re trapped in a box they can’t escape. The tabletop market is just a shadow of what it once was. The MMO route is closed to them due to the deals made in 1999 in the shadow of the dot com bubble. They are too big to tear themselves down and rebuild into something like „American Girl“ with their own private distribution channel. They’re keeping the logistics and production people and letting the creative people go that tells me they’ve realized they’re done, and now its just a question of maximizing profits on the downslope.

Pretty soon they’re going to be the Magic: The Gathering company. And maybe that’s for the best. The M:TG company is long term viable, makes a tidy profit, requires a fairly small staff, and could be located anywhere it is convenient for Hasbro to put it. Carve out WotC’s licensing efforts, its seperate sales & marketing, its seperate accounting, and all its overhead devoted to building new businesses, and you have a fairly valuable component that could be attached to the Hasbro games group.


D = Dancey

zum O.R.K.

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  1. Mearls hat D&D bis heute nicht verstanden. Er ist ein sehr sehr trauriger und sehr sehr gefährlicher Mann.

  2. „Clear out all the goofy, arbitrary things in the rules and replace them with reasonable alternatives““In a way, it resembles something that I really wish the retro gamers would at least attempt: take classic games and apply to them lessons learned through playing them.“Dummkopf. Also Mearly-Perly

  3. Zum Mitschreiben, fuer langsamere Menschen wie mich: Was hat Mearls nun gesagt, was so schlimm ist? „I would’ve dropped D&D for it?“ — ich hoffe, Ihr meint nicht dieses Saetzlein?Beste GruesseNorbert

  4. Ach so. Harhar. Vielleicht wollte Herr Mearls auch nur mal ’n bisschen provozieren ;) Soll ja Leute geben, die so watt machen :D

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