All I do is sit and cry

We start off the new year with D&D Insider up and running. Dragon Magazine, Dungeon Magazine, and the D&D Compendium have provided the core of the experience thus far, and we have great things in the works to make these components even more compelling in the year ahead. But it doesn“™t stop there. In very short order, the D&D Character Builder goes live, featuring 30-levels of material for every character class in the game. And just like the D&D Compendium, the D&D Character Builder gets updated in real time. As new products or magazine articles add to the rules set, these programs will keep up with the new content.

After that“¦ well, we“™re working on that. We had grand plans and we were overly ambitious in what could actually be accomplished in the time we had. We don“™t want to overextend or overpromise anymore. We“™re going to finish the D&D Character Builder, then take stock of where we are and what we can and should concentrate on next. Things are in the works, and I look forward to the day when the whole grand plan comes together. But we“™ll be more realistic in our goals and timelines moving forward. I“™ll talk more about this in the weeks and months ahead, both here and in Digital Insider.

That said, I do promise that as a D&D Insider you“™ll get exclusive content for your D&D game. You“™ll get to play with new material before anyone else, in most cases months or even a year or more before the content is published. You“™ll hear about new products, new concepts, new campaign worlds before anyone else, because that“™s part of the benefit of being a D&D Insider. Stick around. It“™s going to be a great year.

Bill Slavicsek
R&D Director

PS: Ich hab’s ja gleich gesagt.