Shoutout to the crewmen of HMS Malewitsch

A video for my old Traveller group, most of which ended their (human) life on a mission codenamed „suprematism“:

Back then, I had to make a to-scale „model“ of the ringworld using a pearl for the sun and some serious knitting for the ring. Would only fit on the floor, and furniture had to be moved. The Ringworld was data modelled via a MySQL database that had an Universal Ring World Civilization Profile (URWCP) for every Earth Size equivalence, balkanization could occur, obviously. Space Travel Tech Level was capped at 9 or 10, because of in-game historic reasons. I remember one of the most awesome fight scenes in my gaming career when there was a rocket-shuttle-ringworlder-marines assault on the HMS Malewitsch’s crew, that was fought off with yucky and creative use of a Cziltang-Brone. That was near one of the stabilizer jets on the ledge seen in the vid.

14 Gedanken zu „Shoutout to the crewmen of HMS Malewitsch

  1. Excellent! Ingeniously planned campaign which simulated the travellerverse continuously from a character-based adventure scale up to the scale of interstallar civil war and finally to the ringworld. Best realistic sci-fi campaign ever. Military missions, political intrigues, religious fanatics, interstellar diplomacy, lost technolgies, psychohistory, and much more. Superb!

  2. I can only highlight that going to the Ringwolrd was the opposite of planning. It was just there for my own enjoyment of the 500,000 years spanning meta-conflict between „Atlanteans“, some Protectors and Yaskodray. It was quite a coincedence the players ever got to know the Ringworld and utterly astonishing that they chose to equip an expedition towards it.

  3. Es war eine spannende Mission, und was wir da alles gefunden haben! War extrem geil die Kampagne!Ein Hoch auf Settembrini!

  4. Ne, der Kommentator „Peruvian“ war komischerweise nicht ich. (Strange!)Trotzdem schönen Gruß an alle.Cheers,Ilja

  5. Ich wusste schon immer, das es mehrer Peruvians gibt. Einer allein hätten nimals soviel Unruhe stiften können. :-))))).Der Beste ist aber Doc Vuren!!!!!!!

  6. Doc Vuren war der coole Schiffsarzt! Denn zuerst keiner getraut hat und zum Schluss war er der Liebling von allen.Zitat:“Ich bevorzuge Laser!“Und er zog in den Kampf…..

  7. Oh ja, ich erinnere mich an Doc Vuren. Aber nicht, dass es „mehrere Peruvians“ gab. Auch kein Wunder, die Kampagne lief ja noch ne ganze Weile nach mir (was ich übrigens schön finde). In diesem Sinne: hat Peruvian eigentlich überlebt?

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