Who are you?

People wonder why I dislike Mr. Maliszewski. Now assume you were a Democrat, what would your thoughts be about Mr. Blagoyevich?

Anyhoo, the tastelessness and lack of general spine is most obvious in statements such as:

Overall, I have mixed feelings about Rhialto the Marvellous. There’s no doubt that it contains some of Vance’s best and most humorous prose. The interactions between the immensely powerful and self-absorbed wizards is priceless and almost worth the price of admission alone. With the exception of „Morreion,“ though, I can’t say that the stories themselves particularly engaged me, with „Fader’s Waft“ being notably tedious at times. But perhaps the stories themselves aren’t the point so much as Vance’s luxurious prose and skill in producing dialog at once beautiful and vapid. If nothing else, the book is great inspiration for a campaign involving powerful magic-users in a decadent and dying world.

Let me translate: He doesn’t like Vance, even when he is at his best, but is too afraid to admit the fact.

What a spineless asshole.

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  1. Ahh, the wobbly vacillations of the Grand Douche…As it happens, my alt screen name is Rhialto the Marvelous.

  2. Alternate translation: „Vance writes great prose, but his stories lack the content of anything beside flowery soliloquy.“ -James M.Or, in my own words:“Vance = the fantasy-equivalent to Anne Rice“This would be an insult, if I didn’t like A.R. ;)

  3. Now, Alexandro, you are totally right in one regard: If someone writes excellent prose, it does not matter whether there is too much action or if there are only soliloquies. You LIKE AR, after all, if you didn’t you would NOT say it was great prose. In turn, and this is the damning part, Mr. Maliszewski only says it is „good prose“ because he THINKS he should say that, not because he is of the actual opinion. Because if he did really experience it, he would not say it was boring.

  4. It’s true JM repeats this pattern in his blog entries over and over again.I suspect this is related to American culture of interaction („So nice to meet you“) and journalistic style (e.g. Time magazine).He wants to be polite, he wants to be fair and look at different aspects. And fails to be relevant.So I wouldn’t call him an asshole.I’m just slightly amused when reading Grognardia.

  5. JM: „I can only say that it’s not wholly to my liking, which is why, for all its creativity and artistry, I don’t like „The Shadow Out of Time“ as much as others do, but I cannot deny that it is one of the author’s most impressive stories.“- posted by ghoul.

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