Tech Report: HexPack wet & wetter

Some time ago I ordered several of the new BattleTech HexPacks, and recently we did some test gaming with them. On the material side, they are printed on pretty thick cardboard and can be punched out without hassle.
To my surprise, two scenarios as well as some additional rules for terrain, buildings and weather are to be found in the accompanying booklet. The scenarios are very good, actually, as they represent non-balanced tactical situations. Here, non-balanced means that neither the tonnage nor the Battle Value or whatever they call it these days are the same for both forces. You can play just with the contents of one starter box, which we did, also using the „new“ rules for cover. Isntead of the +3 of the olden days, you get a measly +1, but all hits against the legs are ignored. In that way, the paradoxical nature of a 1 level cover is done away with. In the olden days, cover was either a campers paradise, or a deathtrap due to the increased chance of headcappin‘ hits.

The scenarios are tactically varied and interesting, the one shown below is about a Liao partly jump-capable Strike Force trying to snatch some crucial LosTech from a building guarded by an Elite piloted Awesome long range sniper/killer Mech.
My opponent played the damned Davions guarding the LosTech building and made a crucial mistake in his setup…

The new cover rules did not help his Jägermech at all. The flame markers courtesy of Gale Force Nine. Now I only need a lot of smoke cloud markers and we will start using the smoke-and-fire rules again with glee…
For every BattleTech player and especially for Mechwarrior GMs, this is a very useful addition. It also meshes very well with just the starter box, and is one of the best done add-on products for BattleTech as a boardgame since CityTech came out.

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