Wilderlands cont.

Day 6 — After a short night in the wild, the companions approach the newly freed step-pyramid. The flood of the last days seems to have washed away the rubble and stones that were keeping the entrance hidden. [fitting the results of weather rolls and the rolled up Pyramid structure; extrapolation and explosion of causality] But crossing the river between their camp and the pyramid turns out to be more of a challenge than expected: Zheng courageously tries to swim across, but barely manages to get to the other side [swimming rules from the DMG ARE useful]. Sitting Wolf and Eloi find little fords to cross the river and rejoin their companions a bit later [as are orienteering rules]. Meanwhile Zheng scouted out the interiour of the pyramid, discovering a band of goblins inside.

Using a fire of wet wood to smoke out the band of goblins that took refuge in the upper structure, the companions have all the leisure to take out the nasty little critters, one after another, as they attempt to flee. Eloi is happy about the efficience of his plan, but struggles to understand the hesitations of Zheng, regarding such a clever strategy. Zheng refused to participate in killing the helpless goblins fleeing the smoke, and named the strategy a „genocide“, word unknown to Eloi. Sitting Wolf seemed to equally disagree with the tactic employed. But all seem relieved to be able to enter the pyramid unthreatend by the goblins.

Inside the cavern in which the top of the half-buried pyramid was to be found, the explorers realise that a bush of assassin vines are guarding the entrance. Using the bodies of the goblins as decoy, they slip in [smart, life-prolonging move]. But not before Sitting Wolf called up his guardian spirits to hide away the group’s horses and mules. This seemed to be an especially good idea, as a group of humanoids (other adventurers?) had been seen in the distance and also since a colossal elephant [giant creature & terrain hex to the east] was grazing on the not-so-distant hills.

Exploring the pyramid, they discover many floors and secret rooms: sarcophagi guarded by traps and shadow spirits, wights lusting for flesh, nests of stirges looking for blood and finally strange metal constructs tending to a sub-structure inside the step pyramid. The technology and engineering used in the lower part of the pyramid seems to be most advanced and the constructs to have a volition of their own, repairing damages and eliminating threats. [The pyramid is the capstone/lock to guard/lock away a High-Tech Philosopher-stronghold. Belief and Magic won this one, but maybe only temporarily…warring architectures and belief-systems]

After a failed attempt at controling them, the heroes are attacked by a wave of metallic warriors!

to be continued

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