I’m a gambling man

Frohe Botschaft, Europa wird einflußreicher!
Mongoose informiert uns:

Some companies have certainly experienced difficulties (and it was with some sympathy we watched Guardians of Order try to make its way through its problems, to no avail). Many retailers and distributors are very hesitant to try new things, and orders have become very conservative as everyone waits through this quiet period for the Next Big Thing to hit.

This is all true. In the USA. What was once an 80% share in our business has shrunk to something like 55-60%. However, not all is doom and gloom, as this has been matched (even exceeded) by a growing tide in Europe and the UK, where we have seen both RPGs and miniatures games experience a sharp rise, to the point where even relatively small UK distributors have leapfrogged most of those in America. The second largest distributor (in terms of Mongoose sales) is in the UK, and is nipping at the heels of the Number One in America. My first prediction for 2007 is the Rise of Europe. Americans „“ you are letting your side down! You cannot have us Brits be the centre of roleplaying! Start playing more!

Weiterhin wird der Erfolg Runequests dargestellt, und SpaceQuest angekündigt! Enorm, mit der Ankündigung von Avenger:

The title of the new rules is not 100% decided, though opinion is in favour of Translight. This is a joint Avenger/Comstar product, with the basic system drawn from BRP but adapted for SF gaming. Avenger/Comstar’s Translight rules have been largely developed by me (MJD), with some areas done by freelancers working for Comstar.

und dem alten Ringworld sowie Space Gothic existieren dann Unmengen von Material für SciFi-BRP! Meine kühnsten Träume werden war.

Weiterhin wird Lone Wolf wiederaufgelegt (RuneQuest Lankhmar ist ja schon in aller Munde, wenngleich auch wegen schlechter Illustrationen), und allerfeinste vorbemalte Miniaturen rollen an. Nächstes Jahr werde ich richtig viel Geld ausgeben.

Es gibt eben doch noch Gutes in der Welt. Fast wie Weihnachten.
Zum O.R.K.