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Der Hofrat wird wieder seine StarWars Würfel auspacken? Ich hoffe doch! Bill Coffin schreibt für WEG! Dyson Sphäre und Theokratie – Hochwürfeln auf der awesome-Skala!

Bill Coffin is not only an option, but he is indeed, as we speak, working on a new Sci-fi RPG using the D6 system. The new game, called Septimus, sets the player in and around an ancient Dyson Sphere and the tyrannical theocratic technocracy that controls it.

Tentatively, the book looks to weigh in at roughly 320 pages. The book will be hard-cover and will feature full color, mostly painted interiors.

Eric Gibson
Publisher, West End Games/
Purgatory Publishing Inc.

Delta Green ist da. Und nur zehn Jahre zu spät.


HeroQuest, das Glorantha Dingens und Forger-Adorationsobjekt wird von Robin D. Laws entkernt und dieser Kern als QuestWorlds für jedes Genre geöffnet.

As the original designer of the HeroQuest rules, Robin is the perfect person to open the system up to science-fiction, historical, horror, and fantasy-based settings. He will be distilling the current rulebook down to just the rules, refining them, and adding in copious examples of using them for a variety of roleplaying genres, which we call QuestWorlds. All of the Gloranthan material the rulebook used to contain will find a new updated home in separate HeroQuest supplements. It will become our flagship QuestWorld, but now joined by many others.

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