Wort zum Sonntag: Neuapostel

As is traditional with RPGs, I suppose I should fi nish the OSRIC rules with a few words of advice for the newer player and, particularly, for the newer GM At this point, it“™s traditional to remind players that the GM can change or ignore any rule whatsoever, as he or she sees fi t or on a whim, with or without giving a reason“”please consider yourself reminded And the traditional advice to GMs is the same here too: Never follow a rule over a cliff Please do follow this advice, it“™ll improve your game Having said that, I can go on to say the things I really wanted to
say in the afterword They are: First, play OSRIC fast Part of the beauty of this system is, with a little knowledge and practice, you can run a battle between ten player characters with a dozen hirelings and henchmen and a handful of summoned monsters on one side, and thirty ogres with a shaman and two dozen worgs on the other, and you can resolve it in thirty minutes fl at It helps to roll dice in handfuls, but the big things that make that possible are the simplicity of the combat rules and morale Don“™t forget morale, it“™s important“”it“™s for skipping over the boring bits The moment it becomes obvious to intelligent monsters that they“™ll lose a fi ght,
they will run or surrender And this brings me to the second thing, which is, please do skip over
the boring bits Fudge things to make them faster And if they can“™t be fudged, then the GM and players should share jobs fairly“”if the party“™s using detailed encumbrance rules, then the GM shouldn“™t have to do all the bean-counting After all, the GM is busy doing GM-like things, such as drinking the beer that“™s so vital to his or her concentration or laughing cruelly at the players“™ latest mistake, and so has no time to do math The third thing is, in OSRIC generating a player character is fast If you die, it“™s a quick and easy job to roll a new character and get
straight back into the action Which means that dying isn“™t so much of a pain in the neck as it might be with other systems Assume you will lose some player characters from time to time and
plan accordingly Once you“™re past the fi rst few levels, most players should accumulate a few henchmen who can replace their main character if the main character dies (or is petrified, disintegrated, converted to green slime, swallowed whole by some huge monster, falls into a sphere of annihilation, or“¦ well, OSRIC“™s a dangerous world, lots of things can happen) If you die and fail your resurrection chance, deal with it with good grace Sure“”nobody likes to lose a character, but don“™t take it too seriously This is a game In OSRIC, you aren“™t entitled to be the hero You might just get to be the hero, but don“™t expect it as a right And there“™s a fourth thing: Make sure everyone round the table gets a chance to have their say, but don“™t tolerate dithering If your GM asks you, „What do you do now?“ then you“™d better answer at once or expect to lose your opportunity The fi fth and last thing is, your GM isn“™t called a „storyteller“ for a reason He or she isn“™t telling you a story with you cast as the protagonist (If you want that, try one of White Wolf“™s games ) The GM creates a world“”you create a character who wants something It“™s up to you to go out and get it Story is the result of the game, not a process within it
Have fun!

„” Stuart Marshall

Zum O.R.K.

3 Gedanken zu „Wort zum Sonntag: Neuapostel

  1. Da muss ich doch mal glatt auf der RSP-Seite 5 Sterne geben – einen für dich, der du brav abgetippt hast, vier für Stuart Marshall!

  2. Süss.Da schreibt ein Typ, welcher offensichtlich NIE einen Blick in ein nach ’79 erschienenes RPG geworfen hat, über Dinge die konsistent in JEDEM Rollenspiel im SL-Teil stehen, nennt das „traditionell“ und tut so, als würden moderne Rollenspieler das nicht (mehr) wissen….oh Verzeihung, das Wort was ich suchte war „traurig“ ;)

  3. Ja, aber beim „Abtippen“ hättest Du ruhig mal Satzzeichen mitkopieren können – macht das Lesen von obigem nämlich ungleich flotter.Zum Text kann ich nur sagen: insbesondere die letzten Sätze von „Mr. Osric“ sind GOLD!

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