Top Five of sucky things in Battletech

5) Any intra-fandom discussion regarding weights, especially those of Mechs. The „tons“ of Battletech are a VOLUME unit. Don’t believe me? What are the tons good for? Right, construction. From the start, BT had Mech construction rules, where you choose systems from tables and the costs are calculated in tons. Sound familiar? Right, it’s directly lifted from Traveller. And in Traveller, a dton is a VOLUME unit. An Atlas does NOT weigh a hundred metric tons, and a machine gun does not weigh 500 kg.

4) The novels. The only saving grace the novels do offer is that they are not considerably worse than the spy/techno-thriller stuff of the mainstream. Sometimes I think the novels are purposefully written so that EVERY reader feels like he was a little smarter than the author, which might be a factor in the „I can do better“, that is prevalent in BT

3) Overpersonalization of conflicts. The focus on the leader-superheroes and their relationships as started by Mr. Stackpole is obnoxious. Especially when their inner-life and emotionsa are concerned. For some weird reason, the largest parts of the fandom read it, but do NOT try to emulate these things in their games. .

2) Tournament & League Gaming. Germany was in the clutches of a highly structured „Chapter-Fight-Ranking System“ for all the nineties, and that drove away many casual gamers. The system attracted a different demographic and that lead to a self-reinforcing cycle of abandonment and recruitment.

1) Clan Fans. See, I can see the value of the clans for the boardgame & the universe. But someone who likes those morons is suspect.



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