idiographic vs. nomothetic

It finally arrived. Surprisingly, in the most rinky-dink, unmotivated packaging I ever saw. The fine fellows from Atlas Press (the spine says @las, I kid you not) seemingly employ people who take pleasure in writing adresses in graffito-tag-style. This is nice with a magic marker, but looks terrible with a biro. Unsurprisingly this is confusing postmen, too.

Debord & Lebovici vs. Greenwood & Shilling

By the end of the year, I’ll hope I can tell which one of them is more Hollywood than the other, which one is more Delbrückian (or failing and becoming Kromayerian) and which is more Clausewitzian. I have a rough idea, but we’ll see. From reading the introductions to both games, I can tell you that both Debord and Greenwood score amazingly high marks in pretentiousness. The Ballzheimer’s cup first round must remain undecided, as both present maximal claims within their respective (nomothetic vs idiographic re: wars) approaches.

Check out the eerie inverted similarity in content and presentation! A bit like thesis and..anti-t…ank gun?

Zum O.R.K.

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  1. Howdy-ho! Jeff Rients here two months late amd working off of Google translator. Please answer in English: is that a book about wargaming by Situationist Guy DeBord? My mind is blown.

  2. Yes, indeed. I currently blog in english so you may try it out in the original form!

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